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Swedish Car Clinic, Inc.

Harbor City Auto Repair

(310) 326-9895
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

OK - so they do what is expected and do it well - repair cars - especially Saab's and Volvo's - and what others have said in their reviews works for me. What you might not know is that the great add-on is that while you wait there's free coffee and wi-fi. Turns into what could be drugery into something that multi-tasks nicely - car gets fixed and I can still be in the office (as it were) able to take care of e-mail and drink a good cup of coffee. It's a beautiful world. Gabrielle


This has been my favorite mechanic since I got my first Volvo and I keep coming back since I have only owned Volvos. Peter and Eric are wonderful and knowledgeable and always go out of their way to save you money. They kept my first beater running well for quite a while... they have never taken advantage of me which is why I trust them so much.


I needed to service my car but I didn't know where to go because the dealer down the street went out of business. So I went to the only place that I trust to get a reliable referral, Yelp. After reading reviews from fellow yelpers I decided to bring my car here. Very pleased with the service. Didn't try to over sell me with added pressure. Just the facts about what I needed. I will definitely come back for my next regular check up.


Kim S.'s review does Swedish Car Clinic, Inc. justice. My family has owned nothing but Swedish cars my whole life, thus coming here for years. Their staff are some of the nicest, friendliest people you'll ever come by, and they don't try and charge you an arm and a leg to get your car fixed. These guys all truly know their car parts, and they're pretty speedy if you come here during the week. I even bought my current car from them, they get a pretty good collection of used cars that aren't more than 4 years old. I highly recommend Peter and his guys to anyone with a volvo or saab.


If you drive a Swedish (or German) car, Peter Kjelberg runs the garage for you. A real Swede, Peter's shop is one of those European kind where the work area is spotless and the technicians work in white overalls. And Peter's staff knows cars and parts -- here you can actually have something fixed rather than just pull out the old and stick in a new one at some high "dealer's" cost. Peter kept my 17 year old SAAB running to perfection and well within budget. In this shop, a major repair is seldome necessary for regular customers because he make a preventive maintenance check on every car, and fixes big problems when they are still small. Peter and the staff are really nice and friendly. No snobbiness or standoffisness here, no pretence about the job, and you can talk to the mechanic who actually did the work. He makes car repair seem like a fun experience. Downside: no rental or replacement vehicles available. Your options are to wait (in his nice waiting room with coffee), or have someone else pick you up and drop you off. In spite of this, he does a booming business, so call for an appointment.

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